Video Games

A series of published digital projects that explore unique mechanics and themes.

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3 Nights in chicago

Multiplayer game where two teams of gangsters attempt to rob the same bank at the same time. Players race to crack open safes, grab the loot, and get it back to their getaway car before the cops show up.
5-person team. My Roles: Game Designer, Game Developer, Level Designer

“An exciting and original game that is both interesting on a conceptual level and genuinely fun to play.” - Frank Lantz

“Like a mix between Smash Bros. and Ocean's Eleven” - AV Club

Ludicious Festival 2017 Student Game Competition Nominee
Casual Connect USA Indie Prize 2016 Best Multiplayer Nominee (1).gif


Arcade space shooter where you use your intriguing and destructive powers to stop raiders for as long as possible. Possess enemy ships, take control of their weapons and have them blast each other to smithereens.
5-person team. My Roles: Project Manager, Level Designer

“The game feels very rewarding and satisfying” - Matt Parker

Puppet Knights

Puppet Knights is a local multiplayer arena action game pitting up to 4 marionettes against each other. Players control each marionette's arm independently, leading to clumsy and unpredictable showdowns as they soar across various environments.
3 person team. My Roles: Game Designer, Game Developer, Project Manager

“I love how much expression players get through this simple control scheme.” - Eric Zimmerman (5).gif


Moneybags is fast paced stealth game where you have to dodge security cameras, guards and spotlights to collect money, before bringing them back to your helicopter.
Solo project - Design, Development, Art

“A great, elegant simplification of the basic 'sneak and steal' gameplay idea” - Bennett Foddy