Collectible Toys

Produced & released collectible trading cards, messenger stickers, and figurines for the following brands: Game of Thrones, Marvel, Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Firefly, Valiant Comics, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Star Trek.

Below are some of my most critically and commercially successful content releases.

This content can be found on the digital collectibles platform Quidd, available on the App Store & Google Play.



Was challenged to hit a high-revenue target with the launch of Q.U.A.R.K, Quidd’s first original intellectual property, as well as Quidd’s first animated collectible figure. I figured out how to create enough hype around an expensive item that nobody’s heard of before through an effective tease and build up campaign, hitting the target and making Q.U.A.R.K. the talk of the app.


Neon Marvel

Faced the challenge of creating scarcity and urgency with a beautiful, original set of animated stickers that we needed many people to own for viral purposes. With a unique release strategy making the set only available at certain times for under a minute, the set managed to perform 4 times better than the average sticker set despite a high inventory count.

Firefly Gold.png

Firefly Gold

Original Firefly card set that took me and a designer 1/5th of the average development time to make, but broke the total spend record on the app the day it launched through intelligent marketing and positioning. Before this day, Firefly was one of the least profitable licenses on the platform, and only complex illustrations were positioned as premium. This is the set that broke the mold and started the company’s monthly revenue increase, leading to a Series A investment from Sequoia Capital.



Designed, marketed, and launched an original collectible figurine template. The main goal of BOXELS was scalability: to design a figure that can be developed and released within hours, and that can be approved quickly by various licensors. Brands that got the BOXEL treatment include Bob’s Burgers, Dr. Seuss, Muhammad Ali, Elvis, Star Trek, and Breaking Bad.

Pulp Series.png

Pulp Series

Helped design, develop, and release the first company sub-brand: a card design that can be applied across properties and have a premium feel. The launch day of the first Pulp Series set doubled the average revenue per daily active user, allowing the company to hit its monthly revenue goal on the final day of the month. Future sets in the series proved very successful.


Testimonials from Quidd Colleagues and Superiors

Carl maintained a positive attitude, an attention to detail, and a certain patience mixed with urgency that we should all look to emulate.
— Michael Bramlage, CEO
Carl was thorough in his brand research, easy to collaborate with, and had a unique and innovative approach to strategizing both content creation as well as sales strategies.
— Vimal Bisundial, Creative Director
Carl was not only constantly dedicated to executing against all of his projects with high levels of success, but also unshaken when unexpected challenges arose.
— Ian Hundiak, Director of Product
Carl devised and planned out some of the most innovative and popular ideas for products and launch methods on the platform.
— Brent Boylen, Director of Publishing